Fruit and vegetables
freshly pressed straight
into the bottle. Nothing else!

To the products

Who are we?

We are the fruits in the trees, berries in the bushes and the vegetables in the ground. We are a company passionate about creating the tastiest drinks for all occasions. Freshly pressed and really crispy. Made by real people, in Sweden from the best raw materials.

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Our juices

Swedish-made, fresh, freshly squeezed and healthy juice, made from fruits, berries and vegetables, nothing else!

Fresh for real!

All our freshly pressed drinks are the result of real craftsmanship. For example, we sort all our fruit by hand, something the big producers don’t do. All to ensure the highest level of quality and product safety. It is not the easiest way, but it is certainly the best.

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Blue-yellow and green
at the same time

Many food producers have left Sweden; today there are not even a handful of fresh juice producers left in Sweden. We have been pressing fruit in the same place, since the 50s and we believe that Swedish-made is the best option. Not always the cheapest, but with Swedish you get a safe, high quality product that is usually fresher and of course better for the environment.

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Our health shots

Freshly pressed health shots to kick-start your day. Packed with goodness.

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