Who are we?

We are the fruits in the trees, the berries on the bushes and the vegetables in the soil. We are a company that is passionate about creating the tastiest products. Fresh and cold-pressed for real. Made by real people, in Sweden from the absolute best nature has to give. We press fruit, berries and vegetables into wonderfully healthy and tasty drinks.

Our range includes freshly made, cold juices for breakfast and rich musts for meals. Fresh, thirst-quenching lemonade for your picnic, soft drinks for any party, and last but not least, the daily ginger shot that keeps you healthy all year round!

Fresh for real!

Producing local and fresh is a complex process that requires a lot of knowledge and careful handling. For example, we sort all our fruit by hand, something that the big producers don’t do. All to maintain high quality and product safety.

Our juice masters have extensive experience in sourcing fruit and vegetables from around the world. It is an infinite knowledge of the diversity of fruits, varieties, ripeness and combinations of flavors. Sweetness, acidity, bitterness. Varieties and the origin of the fruit vary over time to always have the best and tastiest fruit juice. Taste and color vary naturally – but always 100% delicious!

Manual sorting ensures that bad fruit does not go into the bottle. No intermediate storage or freezing. Pressing and bottling take place in the same phase and the juice is always packed with beneficial nutrients.