Blue-yellow and green
at the same time

Many food producers have left Sweden; today there are not even a handful of fresh juice producers left in Sweden. The further away from the consumer, the longer the product has to travel. This means that the product needs to be treated to last all the way to the store.

We have been pressing fruit in the same place, since the 50s and we believe that Swedish-made is the best option. Not always the cheapest, but with Swedish you get a safe, high quality product that is usually fresher and of course better for the environment. Herrljunga Musteri’s products are manufactured in Herrljunga and our fruit residues are turned into biogas.

As little waste
As possible

Today, fine products goes to waste in factories, shops and homes – unnecessarily, we think. As part of our green efforts, our goal is to have zero waste. With a very gentle heat treatment, we get a long enough shelf life to avoid unnecessary waste. 30 days is enough. But we also don’t want an unnecessarily long shelf life because that means the product has to be heavily pasteurized, HPP treated or contain a lot of additives.